The Mercedes Bracelet | Gold

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The Mercedes Bracelet is a complement to our Mercedes Ring and holds three iconic bursts (a nod to my love of Art Déco detailing) and three radiant white topaz gemstones, which fit perfectly within their rays. What some may not know is that this design is named after my mother, who is one of the most nurturing, selfless people I’ve ever met. I like to think that her angel energy envelops each piece like a hug, sharing her love even further out into this world. May you feel loved, nurtured, and proud of yourself when you wear it.

Each bracelet is custom-cut to order based off your selected measurements. Please measure yourself carefully using a soft tape measure. I suggest choosing a length that is very close to your actual wrist size, as it is best worn close to the body. In addition to choosing your length, please use the checkboxes above to specify whether you would like a 1" extender added to your bracelet.
  • Gold vermeil bracelet pendants featuring three faceted white topaz.
  • Gold-filled chain and clasp with multiple length options available.

I describe white topaz as the road map that will direct you to where you want to feel. It’s a personal energetic cleaner that works to remove stagnant energy and heal blockages that may have built up over time. This soothing light energy is helpful when things get sticky.

Gold vermeil is an overlay of gold over a base of sterling silver. The gold colour will age gracefully as the piece lightens to a 10K gold or warm silver colour. The rate of aging depends on care, climate and individual body chemistry, and may vary greatly on a case by case basis. As rings are worn on the hand, and are exposed to more frequent rubbing, they will often age more quickly than necklaces or earrings.

To extend the gold colour of your vermeil pieces, remove when washing hands, showering, applying lotions or perfumes, using cleansers, or working out. Store your jewelry in a dry place, preferably in individual air-tight bags. Do not use chemical jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths on gold vermeil jewelry.

Gold-filled jewelry is made by pressure bonding multiple layers of solid gold over a core of high quality jeweller’s brass, resulting in a long-lasting, gold-coloured product. The gold in gold-filled jewelry is not mixed or blended with the base metal. As a result, those with brass allergies can typically wear gold-filled jewelry without issue. In theory, gold-filled items can retain their gold colour for decades.

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