Each Zaleska piece is created entirely by hand using centuries-old practices. Our production runs are small, limited, and conscious of environmental footprint. Comfort and wearability are at the forefront of our design process, and we take pride in the quality of our materials, gemstones, and details.

It is difficult to feel considered as a consumer in an industry that doesn’t cater to a wide range of sizing. My journey began when I couldn’t find rings that fit my fingers, so I started making them. At Zaleska, we stock ring sizes 4-15, which makes us one of the most size-inclusive jewelry brands at our price point in North America. Our chains are custom-cut to order based on how you want to style them. Becoming an inclusive brand is a journey, and we’re passionate about including as many people as possible. If your size isn’t represented in our offerings, please let us know.

In an age of mass production, we’re taking it slow. Our collection is handmade from first sketch to final polish. Each ring band, necklace bail, and signature Zaleska detail is hand-carved by our team of artisans in Bali, Indonesia. These families have worked with jewelry for generations and we are proud to help continue their legacies and support the economic sustainability of artisan production on the island.

⋆ Sylvia Tennant, CEO