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The Sheba Ring | 10K Gold

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10K gold statement ring featuring a faceted round labradorite.

The Sheba Ring is an ode to Queen Sheba, a ruler of an ancient kingdom whose people worshipped the sun, planets, moon, and stars. Her influence spans from India to the southern Arabian desert, where groups of women have developed a female dialect unintelligible to outsiders and inspired by her legacy. The consciousness of the Queen of Sheba is one that honours a respect for femininity and Mother Nature. She calls us to commit to the definition of female energy: capable, spiritual, courageous and loving.

Labradorite is the security blanket of gemstones. It’s ideal to wear around people that drain you or situations that should not involve you. Labradorite is a powerful, aura-balancing stone that amplifies positivity, strengthens faith in oneself, and ultimately reminds us to trust the ebbs and flows of the universe.

Handmade - please wear with care.

Handmade to feel comfortable and last a lifetime.

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