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How do I determine my ring size?

Here is our list of methods for determining ring size in order of accuracy:

1) Go to a local jewelry store and check your size with the staff. If you are in Greater Vancouver, you can also make an appointment to stop by our home studio.

2) Measure the inside circumference or inside diameter of a ring you already own (and are happy with the fit), then use this website to determine your U.S./Canada ring size.

3) Measure the circumference of your finger.

  • Cut an even strip of paper or string.

  • Wrap the paper/string tightly around the base of the finger, just below the knuckle.

  • Mark the spot where it meets.

  • Measure the length in millimetres with a ruler.

  • Use this website to determine your U.S./Canada ring size.

There are many variables that may result in this method being inaccurate for you, including whether your hands are cold or swollen, your knuckle size (ring must be able to slide over), and the fact that a measuring error of only 2.5 mm will lead you a whole size away from your true size. We only recommend this method as a last resort.