The Siren Necklace | Silver

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Hand-carved in the shape of an Art Déco-style shell, the Siren Necklace is an ode to my lifelong love of mermaids. I used to believe so fiercely in their existence that I was convinced my mom was one. I daydreamed of being one myself - a long-haired girl gifted with an opalescent tail, a shell purse full of pearls, and a dolphin for a best friend. I know I’m not alone in my fascination with magical ocean worlds, so here’s a necklace for those who love folklore and mermaid movies as much as I do. 

  • Sterling silver pendant featuring a marquise-cut Ethiopian opal cabochon.

  • Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp. Multiple length options available above. Need help choosing a length? Check out the sizing guide on our FAQ page.

Opals are a true miracle in the gemstone world and take roughly 5-6 million years to form. With their high water content, opals encourage the wearer to go with the flow. Put one on when you need to invigorate thoughts, habits or creative blocks with fresh energy.

Ethiopian opals can absorb water very easily, which may happen from exposure to humidity, sweat or direct contact with water. This absorption can cause the colour of the opal to temporarily become more yellow/brown/orange. You should be able to restore the original colour of your opal by letting it dry out naturally - keep it off the skin and be sure to store somewhere with low or no humidity (e.g. not in the bathroom). Because opals are the same hardness as glass, they are also susceptible to fracturing. Keep these factors in mind when choosing when & where to show off your opals!

This product is handmade. Please wear with care :)

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